What is the l and the 2 in I=2 when dealing with quantum numbers?

  1. The question is. What is an element in which the l=2 sublevel is being filled? If someone feels up to it to go into depth with this and please explain the entire concept of nodes, orbitals and all that jazz too. That would be great! Thanks a whole lot.

    Answer by neoga illinois
    this article in wikipedia gives the in depth explanation that you mention. keep this in mind: in order to ‘Ace’ highschool and freshman college classes in physics and chemistry, all you need to know about l is that it is the second principle quantum number and that its the number for angular velocity and that this quantum number sets the shape of the atomic orbital. when l is zero the shape is a sphere. the electron moves around the nucleus of the atom in a shell-type region of space that has the shape of a sphere. if l is 2 then the electron occupies a region that has a pi shape or ‘pear shape’. also, know that l is allowed to range over the integers between zero and n-1. n is the principle quantum number. if n is 3, for example then l is allowed to be zero, one ,or two.
    l is not allowed to be negative like m is. and l is not allowed to be any fraction, like spin is. just start by getting the basics
    and the rest will unfold all in good time. read this wiki article about all 4 of the quantum numbers……n,m,ms and the one you ask about, l

    when l is 1 the shape of the electron’s orbit is a ‘tear’ or ‘pear’ shape that extends or juts far out away from the nucleus and makes the atom very reactive. here are the ohter orbital shapes. s, p, d and f


  2. I am writing a fanfic where I was going to give L the powers of a precog through his dreams so he can stay ahead of Light. Is this a lame idea and if so, how could i explain the dreams that L’s had that’s already told him of the future? Could a shinigami send L visions through his dreams (someone suggested that another shinigami with a grudge against Ryuk could be responsible) Any advice?

    Answer by Kimmi
    I don’t think it’s a bad idea as long as it doesn’t let L see maybe a month ahead of time. Around 2 weeks sounds reasonable.
    But then again, I believe L has insomnia right? So how exactly can he dream?
    Maybe have the Shinigami drop her notebook to give Kira (Light) some competition. Somehow it ends up with L and the Shinigami offers L precog powers that is strictly reserved for high-leveled Shinigami. The Shinigami would go against the rules, give the powers to L and so on so forth. It’s your story so twist it up, good luck!

  3. What is the difference between acetyl l-carnitine and regular l-carnitine, this suppliment is going to be used for a suspected case of hyperthyroidism.

    Answer by JavaJoe
    Acetyl-L-carnitine seems to help brain functions and improve memory.

    L-carnitine seems to help in the metabolisation of fats during exercise.

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